You already know that the food you eat, the supplements you take and the exercises you do (or don’t) can have a significant impact on your health. But did you know that your genes play a role as well?

  • Are you experiencing health issues that you can’t get resolved?
  • Have you been spending money on supplements, not knowing if you really need them?
  • Do you wonder how different you may feel if you knew exactly what your body needed?

The Science

Genetic testing has been around for many years. However, we’ve only recently been able to provide genetic information as it pertains to your DNA’s need for nutrition and proper lifestyle.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that small variations in your genes can influence how well your body metabolizes food, uses nutrients, and cleanses damaging toxins. This interaction between genes, diet and lifestyle is referred to as Nutrigenomics – the study of nutrition and genes.

Individuals often inherit genes which may put them at higher risk of negative health conditions. For example:

  • 16% of us have a gene variation that limits the creation of new bones
  • 37% have a variation in the cholesterol metabolizing gene
  • 34% have a genetically reduced ability to fight free radicals

Since your genetic makeup is fixed at birth, if you have a specific variation, you may be able to alter certain elements of your diet or lifestyle to potentially reduce the risk of developing various common health conditions.

Who Should Take the Test

If you take supplements but don’t think you’re benefiting as you should, have suffered with ongoing health issues or if you have questions about EXACTLY how much of each vitamin you need, then this test is for you.

Those who would benefit from the test and information unlocked about their genetic code:

  • People looking to optimize health and/or fitness
  • Chronic illness patients who want to get better
  • Fitness and competition athletes who want the extra edge
  • Folks spending lots of money and guessing at what supplements they need
  • Ongoing skin and gut issues sufferers

Your body’s unique genetic makeup provides clues to achieving optimal health and wellness with a nutrition and lifestyle plan that is distinctive and personalized to you.

DNA Testing

Test over 60 genes which are affected by nutrition. Taking this test now can put you on the right track to make sure your lifestyle, eating and supplementation habits are adequate to prevent any genetic variances you may have been given.

This information is invaluable to you.

Learn how to eat for your DNA!

You no longer need to guess at what and how much of each supplement you need. Imagine the time and money you’ll save…let alone how much better you’ll feel once your body is getting EXACTLY what it needs.

Next Steps

Fill out the form or call the office to request a Genetic Nutrition appointment. Soon you can learn all about Nutrigenomic testing and how it can help solve your health and fitness issues.

  1. Come in for a Genetic test appointment to discuss the test, fill out necessary forms, have the cheek swab to collect your DNA and discuss the process.
  2. We will then send the samples off to the lab, and approximately 3-5 weeks later we will receive the results.
  3. We will contact you once the results are in and schedule you for an appointment.
  4. You come in for the follow-up appointment where Dr. Kristy provides a customized DNA and lifestyle report to you. We’ll explain your genetic results and lifestyle, exercise, supplement and nutrition suggestions to bring your body back into optimal health and wellness.
  5. You leave the office, with your unique Genetic Health color-printed customized booklet and nutrition and supplement suggestions to reference for the rest of your life.
  6. Come in for a nutrition or wellness check-up, at any time in the future, if your health needs have changed and you want support with lifestyle and nutrition decisions.

No more guessing. No more struggling with trying to figure out what kind of foods to eat or exercise activities to do. And since your genes never change, this test need only be done once in your lifetime.

This truly is the laser-approach to wellness and healthy living. Contact us to set up your appointment.


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