1. Cosmetic Acupuncture reduced my lines and creases

    I was inundated with headaches and was also interested in Facial Acupuncture as there were positive reviews. I had been noticing fine lines creeping in around the eyes and had a few developing in my forehead. In addition, I had been experiencing some random sleepless bouts, usually in the early morning hours. During the course of treatment, after several sessions, I started seeing the fine lines g…Read More

    - Jo W.
  2. Sinus infections and pain are gone

    Kristy McKendrick is a fantastic practitioner! I have been a patient of hers for several years, and am impressed with the depth of her knowledge and understanding. She has helped me out a great deal with pain and recurrent sinus infections. I highly recommend her and her practice.…Read More

    - Harvey K
  3. Stress and pain are much better now.

    I have a pretty stressful life and get backaches and pains as well. I've been seeing Dr. Kristy for a few years and her treatments have been very helpful. I am able to relax and let go a little bit. I usually get some much needed sleep and leave her office feeling calm and refreshed. I'm thankful that I have someone to help with my pain and stress.…Read More

  4. Frozen Shoulder is gone! Anxiety and depression = gone!

    I've been suffering for many years with severe left shoulder pain, which I found out from a doctor was called frozen shoulder. I could barely lift my arm up, could not pick up or hold anything and was irritated that nothing I was doing helped it to get more range of motion or feel better. It was so bad, that sometimes it would wake me up at night if I was sleeping on it wrong. After over 4 years o…Read More

    - Dawn D.