Before coming to see Dr. Kristy Mckendrick I had been struggling with deep sadness, anxiety, and depression for as long as I can remember. After a few short visits, I felt as if a veil had been lifted and I began seeing life in a whole new way. This was my first experience with holistic medicine but won’t be my last.…Read More

    Brenda B
  2. On my way back to golfing again– shoulder injury

    I saw Dr Kristy to get Acupuncture treatments to hopefully help with my shoulder after a car accident. I’ve had acupuncture before but wasn’t sure it’d be able to help with my shoulder, as even physical therapy and targeted exercises haven’t allowed me to lift my arm enough to wash my hair in the shower or pick up anything over a pound or so. WELL, I’m a believer. After the first treatme…Read More

    - Ken
  3. Managing my thyroid, inflammation and autoimmunity

    If you are experiencing a time in your life where you’re just not yourself and doctors have told you nothing is wrong, don’t give up! You know your body better than anyone else and no one can take that away from you. I have been seeing Dr. McKendrick for a little over a month and after years of questioning what’s wrong with me I found someone who takes the time to dig a little deeper, work a…Read More

    - Angela H
  4. Helped my pain, digestion and hormones

    I suffered from chronic pain after a series of car accidents. After my initial recovery I still suffered from pain that would flare up with cold or rainy weather or with physical exertion. My x-rays were fine and the doctors just told me I was healthy and I could take Ibuprofen as needed to reduce the swelling. I'm not a fan of taking excessive medication so I mostly suffered through it. I found t…Read More

    - Dee S.
  5. Hashimoto’s, hormone and PCOS – and feeling better!

    Have been seeing Dr. Kristy McKendrick for 18 mo. for holistic / functional medicine. When I was referred to her, I was in a downward health spiral. I was being medically mis-managed by my endocrinologist (for both thyroid, hormone & PCOS) and also my general doctor- horrible insomnia, terrible anxiety, etc. Dr. Kristy immediately made me feel like there was hope for me. Ran lots of blood test…Read More

    - Sheila
  6. Middle Age is Rough! See Dr. Kristy for support.

    Mid life comes with all kinds of body altering challenges!! My list is long... I’ve decided to take a non-traditional route to improving and maintaining my health. It’s been an amazing week and a half!! And I know it will only get better! I’ve had sleep issues for years. Often sleeping maybe 4 hours a night... and mostly interrupted sleep. Waking up tired, achy and feeling horrible but still…Read More

    - Barbra
  7. Relief from Lyme symptoms, fatigue, hormones, gut issues and inflammation

    My experience with Dr. Kristy McKendrick has been phenomenal! I came to her because I needed help with hormones, gut issues, pain, inflammation, and fatigue from Lyme disease. In less than 3 months I have become so much better! Less pain, more energy, and thankfully less symptoms from hormone imbalances. Dr. Kristy is amazing in her intuitive, kind, pro-active approach! I have never had an acupunc…Read More

    - Pamela
  8. Cosmetic Acupuncture reduced my lines and creases

    I was inundated with headaches and was also interested in Facial Acupuncture as there were positive reviews. I had been noticing fine lines creeping in around the eyes and had a few developing in my forehead. In addition, I had been experiencing some random sleepless bouts, usually in the early morning hours. During the course of treatment, after several sessions, I started seeing the fine lines g…Read More

    - Jo
  9. Stress and pain are much better now.

    I have a pretty stressful life and get backaches and pains as well. I've been seeing Dr. Kristy for a few years and her treatments have been very helpful. I am able to relax and let go a little bit. I usually get some much needed sleep and leave her office feeling calm and refreshed. I'm thankful that I have someone to help with my pain and stress.…Read More

    - Brennan
  10. Sinus infections and pain are gone

    Kristy McKendrick is a fantastic practitioner! I have been a patient of hers for several years, and am impressed with the depth of her knowledge and understanding. She has helped me out a great deal with pain and recurrent sinus infections. I highly recommend her and her practice.…Read More

    - Harvey