If you’re ready to improve your health, and prefer a natural medicine path, then the next step is to contact us to set up a health evaluation.

You’ll come in to meet with the doctor to discuss your situation and she’ll let you know how she could help you. She’ll create a customized health program  designed to guide you step-by-step in improving your health. No guesswork on your end. So if you’re ready to start feeling better, call to make an appointment.

Your First Appointment

If you want to skip the health evaluation and get to your first comprehensive appointment, then we’ll schedule you for a Functional Medicine consult. At that appointment, we greet you and make you feel genuinely welcome. We want you to know that we are happy to see you and pleased to have the chance to work with you to help you improve your health and wellness.

There are several simple forms to complete, and after that you will have a private consultation with Dr. McKendrick to discuss your health concerns, in detail. If it’s decided that you would benefit from Acupuncture, a treatment will be given. If you would benefit from any tests, that information and pricing will be provided. Should it seem that a referral to another practitioner is needed, that will be discussed with you and, with your permission, we will make the referral.

If, after the private consultation, you choose to partner with us to improve your health, she will explain which of our services she recommends and get you scheduled. After the evaluations have been completed, she will explain all the findings and recommendations and talk with you about a treatment plan and rebuilding/recovery program for your unique needs.

Dr. McKendrick is not a medical doctor. Her advice and/or suggestions are not meant to take the place of advice from your licensed medical doctor.

Once you reach your wellness goals, Dr. McKendrick can educate you on individualized wellness/preventive programs and products to help you keep the health improvements you gained, as well as to help prevent future health problems.

On your first visit, plan to be with Dr. McKendrick for about 1 hour. Follow-up visits are generally 50 minutes. For Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments, please don’t wear make-up to your appointment or if you need to, please bring your cosmetics to do a touch-up after your appointment.

Please bring with you:

  • Loose-fitting and comfortable clothing, or a change of clothes that allows access to your arms and legs to your elbows and knees
  • Your completed intake forms
  • Recent lab work completed within the last 30 days
  • Cosmetics, if doing a Facial Rejuvenation or Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment
  • Any questions you have

Please have a snack or meal within 2-3 hours before an Acupuncture treatment.