Middle Age is Rough! See Dr. Kristy for support.

Mid life comes with all kinds of body altering challenges!! My list is long… I’ve decided to take a non-traditional route to improving and maintaining my health. It’s been an amazing week and a half!! And I know it will only get better!

I’ve had sleep issues for years. Often sleeping maybe 4 hours a night… and mostly interrupted sleep. Waking up tired, achy and feeling horrible but still having to deal with day to day life stresses and other life complications. I was exhausted. ALL THE TIME!!

After the 1st visit, I slept for about 5-6 hours straight. And last night after only 4 visits, I slept for 7 1/2 hours!!! I woke up without an alarm clock and feel clear headed and amazing!!

Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kristy McKendrick. I only wish I had found her sooner!! ❤️

**Also remember it took months or years for your body to get to where it’s at… accept the treatment plan and go thru the entirety of it.**

- Barbra