Managing my thyroid, inflammation and autoimmunity

If you are experiencing a time in your life where you’re just not yourself and doctors have told you nothing is wrong, don’t give up! You know your body better than anyone else and no one can take that away from you. I have been seeing Dr. McKendrick for a little over a month and after years of questioning what’s wrong with me I found someone who takes the time to dig a little deeper, work a little harder, and see a little more than just nothing.

I was ready to give up, accept the new not so wonderful person I had changed into but I’m extremely glad I didn’t!

For many years I allowed myself to think I was “normal” according to docs that didn’t know my body. Each day I ignored these feelings was one more day I put unnecessary chemicals, strain, and stress, on myself. Don’t wait, if you know something isn’t sitting right, at least take the one step forward and visit for a consultation. Your life is worth it and quite honestly you have nothing to lose!

Dr. McKendrick is AMAZING and I recommend her to anyone!

- Angela H