Helped my pain, digestion and hormones

I suffered from chronic pain after a series of car accidents. After my initial recovery I still suffered from pain that would flare up with cold or rainy weather or with physical exertion. My x-rays were fine and the doctors just told me I was healthy and I could take Ibuprofen as needed to reduce the swelling. I’m not a fan of taking excessive medication so I mostly suffered through it. I found that sometimes topical ointments would help for a while. Epson salt baths helped a bit occasionally. I found massage therapy helped quite a bit for a while.

I had pretty much given up on living without pain, but then I found Dr. Kristy McKendrick at Bliss Wellness Center. I went to consult with her about digestive issues I was having – nausea, constipation, and diarrhea- and she put me on a 4 month plan to fix not only the digestive issues and the chronic pain but also the fatigue and increased PMS issues that had started a few years before. After my first treatment I had my first day without pain!

After 2 months I was normally pain free, with less fatigue, deceased PMS symptoms, and more regular bowel movements. I was amazed!

It was a program involving lifestyle changes that weren’t always easy but before her I didn’t think it was possible for me to get better. She taught me what I needed to do, gave me supplements and herbal medicines to help, and gave me acupuncture treatments which opened my life back up to so many possibilities.

I now have hope that I can live a healthy, productive, pain free life.

- Dee S.