Frozen Shoulder is gone! Anxiety and depression = gone!

I’ve been suffering for many years with severe left shoulder pain, which I found out from a doctor was called frozen shoulder. I could barely lift my arm up, could not pick up or hold anything and was irritated that nothing I was doing helped it to get more range of motion or feel better. It was so bad, that sometimes it would wake me up at night if I was sleeping on it wrong. After over 4 years of struggling with this shoulder problem, I was told by a friend to try Acupuncture. I found Dr. Kristy and am soooo glad I did. After 2-3 treatments, my shoulder got more range of motion and wasn’t waking me up at night. I even noticed I started to sleep better. My depression and anxiety wasn’t as bad. After 5 treatments and some body work and something called gwa sha (a Chinese medicine treatment that hurts but works), it was like my shoulder unclicked, it was no longer “frozen”. I could move it around, put weight on it to help me stand up and wasn’t waking up from pain at night. I’ve suffered with anxiety, depression and this shoulder pain/problem for over 4 years, and nothing helped it much. After 7 treatments with Dr. Kristy, some supplements and Chinese herbal medicine, I can say my anxiety and depression are way more manageable and my shoulder is almost good as new.

- Dawn