Cosmetic Acupuncture reduced my lines and creases

I was inundated with headaches and was also interested in Facial Acupuncture as there were positive reviews. I had been noticing fine lines creeping in around the eyes and had a few developing in my forehead. In addition, I had been experiencing some random sleepless bouts, usually in the early morning hours. During the course of treatment, after several sessions, I started seeing the fine lines getting shallower and/or going away altogether. The main line across my forehead had been present for at least 5 years, and while it remained, the severity has diminished and with moisturizing and maintenance treatments, the crease has remained at bay. The finer lines make an appearance when smiling or being facially-expressive with my forehead but are not visible with a neutral expression. After a few treatments, my headaches decreased in severity and duration. I appreciated Dr. Kristy asking about my stress levels, energy, digestion, constitution and overall health markers. I enjoyed the experience and like the results.

- Jo