Ebook – 5 Ways to Reduce Ongoing Fatigue: And Start Getting Your Life Back



  • Newest research indicates that OPC-3 has natural anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, this all-natural product has been scientifically proven to reduce C-Reactive protein by over 52% with just 2 months’ use.
  • A 2010 study suggested that the anecdotal benefits of probiotic therapies are beneficial for preventing secondary infections, a common complication of antibiotic therapy, may be because keeping the immune system primed by eating foods enhanced with “good” bacteria may help counteract the negative effects of sickness and antibiotics. It was thought that antibiotics may turn the immune system “off”, while probiotics turns it back on “idle”, and more able to quickly react to new infections.
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) develops after age 50, affecting the central portion of vision. Smoking doubles one’s risk of developing this leading cause of sight loss. “Smoking is the only proven cause of AMD that people can do anything about,” according to Steve Winyard of the AMD Alliance, U.K.
  • For every pound of new muscle you build, your metabolism will burn an average of 50 extra calories per day, at rest.  Building 10 pounds of muscle burns 500 extra calories a day.  So, without dieting, you could burn away 1 pound of fat every week; 52 pounds a year.
  • 70% of all illnesses are lifestyle related.
    Source – CDC & US Department of Health & Human Services

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