If you have, or suspect you have, thyroid problems, then you’ve probably figured out that making lifestyle changes can positively impact how you feel.

Below I’ve listed many diet tips that you can implement into your life so that you can better support proper functioning of your thyroid.


  • Eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as dandelion greens, carrots, spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, and sweet potatoes
  • Eliminate junk food, processed food, artificial sweeteners and trans-fats. Replacing them with whole, unprocessed foods, with as many organics as possible.
  • Eat plenty of sea vegetables such as seaweed, which are rich in minerals and iodine (hijiki, wakame, dulse, nori and kombu).
  • Make sure you are eating enough animal-based Omega-3 fats
  • Eat Brazil nuts, which are rich in selenium
  • Use pure, organic coconut oil in your cooking — it’s great for stir fries and sautéing many different meats and vegetables
  • Reduce/eliminate gluten

We just discussed dietary changes, now let’s look at some lifestyle modifications to improve your overall health, including your thyroid.

Lifestyle Modifications

  • Filter your drinking water and your bathing water
  • Get plenty of sunlight to optimize Vitamin D levels, or add Vitamin D3 supplementation to your daily regimen
  • Use an infrared sauna to help your body combat infections and detoxify from petrochemicals, metals, PCBs, pesticides and mercury
  • Filter your home and office air, since it is one of the ways you take in environmental pollutants
  • Manage/reduce stress – meditation and mindfulness exercises are helpful
  • Exercise- aim for 150 minutes of activity per week

Making changes to your lifestyle will not instantly cure or fix any health concerns you have, but it certainly will start you into the right direction. Take good care of yourself. And if you have ongoing thyroid issues, feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.