People suffering from an allergy seem to be on the rise and raises concern for serious implications both in the health and quality of life of those affected. In the US, more than 50% of the population suffers from allergies on a yearly basis, showing that it is not as harmless as it seems.

You might be reading this article because you or your loved ones is deprived of living your best life, spending too much time nursing your allergies. Thus, we came up with 5 foods powerful enough to ease those allergies.

  • Omega-rich fish

The omega oils found in fish like salmon, sea bass and mackerel have anti-inflammatory properties keeping allergic reactions at bay. A study conducted with maternal fish-oil intake during the pregnancy demonstrates sensitization of the most common food allergens during the early stages of the child. It even shows that it can extend to adolescence.      

  • Kefir

Kefir is a yogurt-like drink made from fermenting dairy or non-dairy (for those with allergies) milk products. It is rich with probiotics that not only cleans the gut, but strengthens your immune system. Consequently, it can also prevent the allergies that occur during certain seasons.

  • Fruits with Vitamin C

You have a selection of kiwis, limes and oranges that strengthens the immune system and reduce the chances of inflammation. These fruits reduce the production of histamine that causes the mucus excess, tears and runny nose. Plus – These taste good too.

  • Soup

Surprisingly cooked food like soup can ease the allergy symptoms. It may not treat all kinds of allergies, but soup clears out your airways while warming your stomach. Sipping a bowl of soup can ease or remove congestion so you can breathe better.

  • Food with Quercetin

Like Vitamin C, quercetin, a plant pigment, effectively prevents histamine production, which contributes to your allergies. Onions, teas and fruits among other foodstuffs, contain this powerful substance that serves as an anti-histamine and decongestant to fight off those allergies.

Next Steps

  1. Reduce immune-compromising foods (corn, soy, wheat, dairy, alcohol and sugar).
  2. Add in the foods listed above to soothe your over-working immune system
  3. Practice stress management techniques like mindfulness, meditation or breathing techniques
  4. Call us for a consultation if you’re still struggling with managing your allergies. We’ll let you know if we can help manage your allergies with natural therapies or if you need to seek something stronger.