Stress Relief, Pain Reduction & Deep Relaxation

Are you curious to see if Acupuncture could help you? You’ve heard all the buzz, seen Olympians and celebrities with red “cupping” marks on their backs and have seen how Cosmetic Acupuncture can take years off your appearance- without having to inject poisons and toxins into your face. Now you may be wondering if Acupuncture could be good for you and your situation.

Whether you’re suffering with chronic pain and low energy, digestive or hormone problems or are just curious to see if you can feel better, more you than you have in some time, Acupuncture is for you. Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for thousands of years and has been time-tested to be effective and gentle.

The needles are very thin, smaller than the width of a piece of hair, and much smaller than a needle used to give shots. Additionally, the needles are only used once then disposed of. Most people don’t feel the needles go in, yet they leave after the treatment feeling more rested, relaxed and peaceful. From needles. Yes, I wasn’t a believer either, until I tried Acupuncture for myself, then I was hooked. It is so helpful for so many conditions and many people use Acupuncture and TCM as a maintenance healthcare routine. And for good reason, it works. And for much cheaper than all those doctor visits and medications. Now, of course, if you have a medical condition that you have been taking prescriptions for, TCM isn’t going to fix you in one treatment and help you get rid of those meds, but it will help to balance out your body and help you to feel much better, and that might allow your doctor to reduce your meds, dosages or even visit frequency. (I can work with your other medical providers so everyone knows what is going on and can best manage your care.)

Try it out. You have nothing to lose and your improved health to gain. Treat yourself to a healing and relaxing hour, to see if Acupuncture is right for you. This treatment allows you to get a taste for Acupuncture, without any further obligations or appointments, and for more than 50% off if you were to come in as a new patient. If it works for you, we can discuss next steps, and if not, you’ve given it a shot and will know for sure. Call us with any questions you may have about this introductory visit.

During this visit, you will experience:

  • A detailed conversation about your health condition and medical history
  • An acupuncture treatment that will re-balance the body while calming the mind
  • Customized information about your health condition and Chinese Medical care

Total time: 55 minutes

Price: $95  (A savings of $105!)

(For new patients)

Schedule online below or call 512-686-3443 to purchase and schedule your Bliss Introductory Acupuncture Visit or to buy a gift certificate. We’ll be offering this special for a limited time, so don’t wait to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one. Take a look at our other services too!

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